Il discorso sulle migrazioni nei media italiani: una giornata con il linguista Paolo Orrù


Borders and the Boundaries of Democracy by Iain Chambers

In these times of growing intellectual and cultural retrenchment, where we are continually being informed that ‘our’ culture, history and democratic values are under attack, being relativised, even refused, the discussion between Étienne Balibar and Sandro Mezzadra justly draws attention to the status of critical thinking as something that belongs to the uprooted territories of the border. For it is here that critical language travels along the lip between the known and the unknown; in transit between the familiar maps of a domestic interior and the hazy territories of the external world, between ‘our’ way of life and that which exceeds its comprehension. Of course, such Manichean distinctions are merely place holders, simplified referents that serve to orientate thinking before the intricacy of the world. Continua a leggere “Borders and the Boundaries of Democracy by Iain Chambers