Il gruppo di ricerca “S/Murare il Mediterraneo” sbarca a Fasano (BR)

Il gruppo di ricerca “S/Murare il Mediterraneo” sbarca a Fasano (BR), al Teatro Sociale, all’interno della manifestazione organizzata dal quotidiano FasanoLive, “Terre di Mezzo”, il 26 gennaio.

I giornalisti di FasanoLive hanno intervistato la ricercatrice, parte del gruppo S/Murare, Lorena Carbonara (vincitrice del bando della Regione Puglia Future in Research) sui temi della migrazione, degli attraversamenti, delle contaminazioni e dell’accoglienza.

Paola Zaccaria: (Trans)MediterrAtlantic Embodied Archives


This article tests a comparative and trans-disciplinary methodology I am developing for a research project titled ‘Un-Walling the Mediterranean Sea. New Southern performances: towards a no-border wall poetics and politics of togetherness’. The article investigates ways to develop and make visible MediterrAtlantic theories and performances inspired by grass-roots activism and artivism in order to disrupt Eurocentric geopolitical cartography. To this end, I will make reference to many (de)signs disseminated by trans-Mediterranean intellectuals, activists, artists, migrants and refugees along the Mediterranean routes and walls, as a way to shape both an Asian-African-European Mediterranean consciousness and a new TransMediterrAtlantic one. Finally, I will use as a case study Io sto con la Sposa, a docufiction on the experience of asylum seeking in Europe, by Antonio
Augugliaro, Gabriele del Grande and Khaled Soliman (2014)


Le Simplegadi Global South ‘in Theory’ and Southern Epistemology by Luigi Cazzato

Abstract I: This essay offers a reflection on the ‘global South’ category, starting from Culture and Imperialism by Edward Said to finish with the last work by Jean and John Comaroff Theory from the South, thus joining the contemporary theoretical debate on the future of the ‘southern world’. Since the time of Said, the planet has seen radical changes and the East-West axis of the Cold War has been replaced by the postcolonial North-South axis, with the added complication of the rise of China as a global economic power in the East. This essay tries to untangle such complications through the positions of, among others, Achille Mbembe, reflecting on the fate of Africa as linked to that of China, and of Franco Cassano, with his hope in a southern epistemology, not yet devoured by capitalist fundamentalism.

2014_Simplegadi_Global south in theory